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Our MDF Vinyl wrapped doors are made to a very high standard and carry a 5 year limited manufacturers warranty, They are split into 6 groups, 0 being the cheapest of the made to measure.

We also have the same door styles in our standard sizes which are better value and can be mixed with the made to measure doors 

Our standard doors have  25 patterns to choose from in matt and woodgrain finishes, and 12 styles of gloss door. 

For further details on cleaning and looking after your new doors please see our help page.


Any claims for manufacturing defects must be made within the timeframe of the warranty, no claims will be entertained beyond this time.

Please note that doors should only be stored in a habitable environment, and not in cold or damp conditions, ie; building site

etc, Storage in cold,Damp, and incorrectly stored items may cause damage and may void the manufacturers warranty.

  • Doors and panels will be exempt from this warranty if they are situated beneath or adjacent to water sources such as a sink and used as fascia panels on dishwashers or washing machines, etc. unless it can be proven that the failure has been caused by reasons other than moisture and/or steam penetration.
  • Items installed near heat/steam sources such as electrical kettles, toasters, ovens, grills and radiators, etc. should always be protected by suitable heat strips and sufficient gaps allowing for heat dispersal. They will be exempt from the warranty, aside from where deterioration that can be determined to have been caused by other than prolonged exposure to excessive temperatures as set out within BS 6222 part 3.