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Start by simply browsing our wide range of colours and choosing the one you prefer. You will then be able to choose a door that is available in the colour you select.


A Nice soft colour between cream and Ivory

Gloss Mussel

Popular Mussel in a Gloss

Trojan Oak

Oak woodgrain effect

Sonama Oak

Rustic Oak Appearance

White Woodgrain

Superb painted effect woodgrain

Stone Grey Woodgrain

Superb painted effect woodgrain

Mussel Woodgrain

Superb painted effect woodgrain

Magnolia Woodgrain

Realistic Woodgrain finished in Magnolia

Ivory Woodgrain

Realistic Woodgrain effect in Ivory

Dakar Woodgrain

Superb painted effect woodgrain

Troscan Oak

light / med woodgrain

Paintable Vinyl

Paint Grade Vinyl for home finishing

Medium Tiepolo

Beautiful med woodgrain

Dark Walnut

Dark woodgrain vinyl

Gloss Anthracite

Dark Grey Gloss vinyl

Odessa Oak

Mid Shade woodgrain

Moldua Acacia

Very Pale woodgrain Effect

Hornschurch Ivory

Top Selling Ivory Finish

Brown Grey Avola

Med Dark Woodgrain Effect

White Avola

Pale washed woodgrain effect

Silver Gloss

Silver Gloss Vinyl

Stone Grey

Painted Effect vinyl


Painted Effect Vinyl


Painted Effect

Gloss White

High gloss White

Gloss Ivory

High gloss Ivory

Gloss Cream

High gloss Cream

Gloss Beige

High gloss beige

Light Walnut

Light walnut effect with scratched grain effect.

Ontario Maple

Light coloured wooden colour with large grain.

Maple Forbo

Description not available.

Pippy Oak

Rich wooded colours with darker grain.

Montana Oak

Light coloured oak. Fine drift-wood effect.

Light Tiepolo

Keeping with the stripey-look this lighter tiepolo creates a more subtle impact.

Medium Tiepolo

Rich variety of light and dark shades which highlight the grain.

Dark Walnut

Darker than most walnut colours the rich shades of brown accentuate the grain.

Hornschurch White

Satin slightly Textured White

Medium Walnut

Rich coloured yet slightly grained.

Lissa Oak

Almost pine coloured but with the definition of oak. Very subtle graining.

Winchester Oak

Light coloured oak. Uniform in colour (not many dark knots or grain).


Lighter in colour than most wood types. Subtle hint of grain and rings.